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Private prisons are dangerous.

Private prisons are dangerous to workers and to our community. Overseas operators are focused on making profits, not what’s best for workers and community safety. Staff in private prisons are at greater risk of overcrowding and assaults.

Private prisons are often run without the number of staff needed to safely manage the prison, putting staff in risky situations without any backup and increasing the number of serious assaults. Staff in private prisons have less training to deal with the difficult and dangerous situations they deal with every day. There is more corruption in private prisons. When making money is the priority, there is less focus on rehabilitation to make our communities safer. 

This election will determine the future of our prison system. Queensland prison officers are asking that all Queensland prisons be staffed by Queenslanders, with a focus on community safety instead of corporate profits.

There will be more dangerous private prisons under the LNP.

The LNP wants to transfer more prisons into the control of private companies. The LNP's treasurer Tim Mander called the decision to bring prisons back into public hands to make prisons safer and reduce corruption "wasteful spending" and "totally unnecessary".

The LNP want to keep private prisons in the hands of multi-national corporations despite the risk to workers and our community. This plan will put the interests of corporations and their profits ahead of our safety at work and in the community.

Queenslanders overwhelmingly don't support private prisons and the LNP shouldn't either. This election, support Queensland prison officers and community safety by putting the LNP last.


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"You'd be on the floor by yourself dealing with up to 62 prisoners.
It was very unsafe."

- Bex, Custodial Corrections Officer

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