The LNP wants to privatise prisons

Queenslanders don't support private prisons.

Private prisons are too risky for the community and for workers. There is more overcrowding and more assaults on workers.

Yesterday the LNP announced their costings for their election commitments. It includes plans to "retain non-government management of South East Queensland correctional centres" to stop wasteful spending and "retain contestability".

Contestability under Campbell Newman saw outsourcing of jobs and more privatisation.

Here is the line straight from the LNP costings document:

The LNP will end Labor's wasteful expenditure and will retain non-government management of South East Queensland correctional centres

It's clear the LNP are putting the profits of overseas corporations over the safety of our communities and workers. We can't let LNP get away with supporting dangerous private prisons when we know the risk it too great.  

The LNP are the only party advocating for keeping prisons in the hands of overseas corporations. This election, you have a choice between politicians that support private prisons and those who don't.

Your preferences could decide the future of Queensland's prisons and hundreds of correctional officers across the state – put the LNP last.